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Who is this guy?

My name is Jeremy Albert. Most folks just call me J.

I am a Christ-follower, a husband to one, and a father to 3. I’ve had the honor and privilege of singing and playing music all over America and across the globe, but my God-given passion is serving in and alongside the local body of Christ, the Church. Whether it happens to be leading worship, running tech, meeting for coffee, sharing encouragement, or discussing the Word, my desire is to dig deeply into people’s lives and watch God make transformation happen. Discipling, developing, encouraging, and empowering lay-leaders and fellow pastors is what gets me going in the morning!

I currently serve as the Associate Minister of Creative Arts at Tonganoxie Christian Church in Tonganoxie, KS. Over the past 2 years of ministry here, God has begun a wonderful season of renewal in the church body and in my own life. I cannot thank Him enough for the work He continues to do in me, my family, and in the lives of those I am blessed to serve alongside.

My purpose behind this blog is to give a voice to what’s going on in my head as I study the Word and speak with God. You’ll see posts from my own study time, links to some other great blogs already out there, and the occasional something that pretty much shows off my weird side. I hope you are encouraged and challenged by what you see here!

Oh… Fair warning, I’m a Trekkie.


Me at Redrocks

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